Welcoming Duma to Deepankar's office

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I am very thrilled to announce that Duma would be joining my office full-time as the Head of Support to make life merrier.

Picture of Duma

Picture of Duma

Duma is a 5-year-old Indian dog who has exceptional smelling/hearing sense, the ability to make anyone's mood from sad to happy. He's extremely cute and adorable and sleeps a staggering 16 hours a day. Duma interned for about 1 month in the office bringing a lot of positivity, happiness which improved productivity by an estimated 250%. So without a doubt, I decided to appoint him full time as the Head of Support.

Hear from Duma about his decision to join the office.

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Reporting for Standup

Reporting for Standup

Ever since I was born I was always curious about how things work. Out of curiosity I even broke things and that's how I was learning. Main reasons why I joined Deepankar's office:

  • Unlimited supply of Food
  • Ambient lightings
  • Controlled environment
  • I can sleep with Odesza and Prateek Kuhad song's on repeat
  • Lot of perks and allowances

My job is to mainly sleep and cheer Deepankar when he is low. I am super pumped and excited about the changes I bring in my tenure.

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