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After 6months of programming, I decided now it's time to move to the next stage of a developer that is having a personal portfolio site.

I started writing this blog in December 2020 and I am finally completing it in November 2021.

Why 9 months?

I honestly never felt my site was good compared to other developers and that's why i actually built this from scratch 4 times.

Every time I used a different framework/design to power my tiny blogs and finally settled at my current implementation.

I spent way too much time perfecting something that wasn't meant to be perfect in the first place. This site would never be completed and would always be a work in progress just like Life is :)

So yes! Welcome to my personal site.

If you have any feedback/suggestions feel free to reach out on Twitter .

It's been quite a journey building this.

There's 2 more lol

There's 2 more lol

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