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I am obsessed with logos and brand guidelines, having a "good" logo is important as its gets the 1st impression from the end-user. My favorite brand guidelines are from Vercel .

My logo is simple no curved shapes, monotonic but it has a lot of meaning in it. Here's a tiny explanation of what it means.


I am not a professional designer, these are just my thoughts.

Every logo has a strong foundation if you consider some architectural marvels like Eiffel Tower, Great Pyramids of Giza all were having triangles as their base. Triangles are the strongest shape, providing enormous support and foundation.

This one is based on something I am interested in and have been learning for forever now. This is based on λ (lambda) and this shape tries to depict Functional programming.

Now this one is based on my obsession with the word "Affinity". I have been building things and naming them around this word since 2019. Most notably maps_affinity and many other failed ventures. This signifies the initial from the word "Affinity" which is "A".

And when you combine all of these:

I love it, this is the 3rd revision of this logo previous one looked very similar but the constraints and spacing weren't perfect. Thanks to xapovisuals for perfecting it! he is a self-taught motion graphics designer and a 3D enthusiast so reach out for gigs.

Thanks for reading. IF you have suggestions to make it better feel free to text me on Twitter .

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